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Do I Need a Home Inspection?

As Is

If you are buying a home “AS IS”, then the answer is definitely YES! Why? Even if you cannot ask the seller to fix any deficiencies I might find, you need to know the condition of the major components of the home. What if we were to find hazards in the home? Discovering safety issues can turn a home inspection into a life saver.

Clean Home

Even if the home is in reasonably good condition and the homeowner seems to be an honest, handy guy who has likely taken good care of his home, you definitely need a home inspection. Sometimes the homeowner has never been under his home. There could be hundreds, if not thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs just waiting to be discovered!  There could be damage in the attic, loose or outdated wiring,  or even an animal infestation! Sometimes homeowners replace old outlets with new ones without grounding the outlets or using an electrician. Discovering any one of these issues ahead of time will more than pay for a home inspection.

Fixer Upper

Are you a handyman or small time contractor who is buying a fixer upper? I can absolutely help you out by listing any defects. If some are discovered that you didn’t see or expect, then you will be able to make a more informed decision based on your budget for repairs.

Seller Inspection

A seller who gets a home inspection before listing their home, is far more prepared to deal with a buyer’s inspection. If your home turns out to be in great shape, then you can use the inspection report for marketing purposes. Or you can fix some of the issues I found and have me re-inspect (for a small return fee). Then, I can upload a refreshed inspection report, make it public (if you desire), and you can link to the inspection report in the listing for the home!

Can I Renegotiate After the Inspection?

There may be room to ask the seller to compensate or negotiate, if the contract allows it, or if the pricing justifies it. If not, then you have a list and are more aware of the budget you will need to purchase and repair the home.

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