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What Is a Home Inspection?

A Detailed Review of Your Home by a Qualified Professional

Almost all homes need some work, whether it’s maintenance or small repairs. Unfortunately, many homes need more than that. It’s difficult for home buyers to find these areas on their own. Not only are there a multitude of distracting emotions involved in purchasing a home, your typical buyer simply doesn’t see the defects as well as someone trained to find them. This is why you need a specialist — in other words, you need a home inspector.

While I don’t guarantee that I can find every potential issue, my primary mission is to discover everything I can. This can – and often does – involve entering crawlspaces, climbing on roofs, and exploring the attic – looking for defects and safety issues, as well as other problems that can be costly. For instance:

  • Is the electrical panel safe and up to date? Will it need to be upgraded in the future?
  • Is the heat system in good running condition, or is it obsolete – requiring you to budget a few thousand dollars?
  • Are there water intrusion issues?
  • Are there any signs indicating the plumbing needs attention?
  • Are there structural issues?
  • Roof covering concerns?
  • Siding material and flashing issues?

Sometimes I see issues that require further investigation by an electrician, heating contractor, or a specialist, like a structural engineer. Knowing these things before you buy can save you thousands of dollars. When it helps you make the right decision, knowledge is priceless!

New Construction Homes Need a Home Inspection too!

New construction has building concerns as well. I’ve seen everything from poor construction practices to simple oversights, such as un-insulated attics. Even issues as small as: the hot and cold sides reversed on faucets, clogged disposers, leaks… the list goes on and on. Don’t be fooled because the contractor had the final building inspector come inspect the home. Code inspectors, inspect for code, NOT for deficiencies.

Sellers and Homeowners can Also Benefit from a Home Inspection!

Before you list your home, call me to come out to be just as thorough as I would be for a buyer. I can alert you to items you may want to address before the buyer comes along. Many sellers think their home is in great shape until the buyer gets an inspection. If you haven’t had an experienced inspector walk through, crawl into, and search your home for defects, you should. Knowing, before the buyer, can save you a contract – not to mention thousands of dollars in surprises.

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